Friday, September 2, 2011

changing moods...and other things

It's Friday...TGIF!!!

last night i got away with my girl friend to listen to one of my favorite bands...i noticed that listening to the music it was stirring my emotions (like way to much)...some making me sad...some bringing me back to hopeful days of my youth...some not so many inspiring and some that just made me want to dance! 

before to long i wasn't feeling to good...step outside to get some fresh air...then decided to go home early...I then passed a car like mine with this bumper sticker...

well this morning i woke up listening to my favorite country radio station...before to long i realized i was going through the same emotions...finally i remembered that bumper sticker...i switched the radio station...before to long i put on our stereo with surround mood changed...i've been buzzing around this house conquering all that i set out to's one o'clock and everything i set out to do is done!

our daughter came over to hand out and work on some art projects...i noticed after a few minutes she was smiling and set to do her work...then jennifer came down stairs...a noticeable change has come over her...we are all very positive today..just because we switched what we we are listening to...

i kept telling my self that by september i would step back in tomorrow (great day since it is first saturday)...i'm going to confession...then's been a while since i have been to church...i was mad and wanted to take control of my had been broken and i had this attitude that if God allowed my family life to fall apart then i was going to take it back...wrong!!! 

i only found misery! so little by little i'm giving in to trust being thankful for the precious gift of life...for each one of my children...for my family...and will be good once again..

have you ever experienced a "mood" change just by what you are listening to?  

now for the rest of the day: 
*off with katie to a plastic company she's going to rummage through their "trash" for an art project...i'll have to share pics. once we get back.
*tonight i'm taking the kids to the boat house forest park where we will listen to some Jazz...should be a great time!

catch you tomorrow

Thursday, September 1, 2011

In Loving Memory of my dear husband Scott Schwartz

i started this blog for my own personal journey to find and discover who i am without my beloved...
some days i'm hit with a memory that brings me into deep despair with uncontrollable crying.  yet i do know~ from what he told me was that he wanted me to find happiness, he was worried about me and made sure that i would know this by having his friends remind me often! we knew the time was short and also realized that time flies and one day we will be together, forever.   

i hope you will follow along too!  as i know that maybe some how my postings may help another widow/widower who is mourning their's an up and down roller coaster of emotions that aren't very clear to others and sometimes can one moment be so wonderful then the next you almost can't cope...but for my love i want to show him that i can carry on...i will be there for our children...and remember the love he gave to this family...i can make it...till we all meet in heaven...miss you much!!!